the farmers at Hill Valley Farm

the story

Brittany grew up in Ravenna, Michigan before moving north for her radiologic technologist rotation. After being introduced to Ben, a Petoskey native of eclectic interests who is sometimes known for his sarcasm and frequent forgetfulness, she never left.

Ben and Brittany were married in the fall of 2015 and had their wedding reception in the pole barn on the farm. The party was complete with a pig roast, home brew and plenty of 80's powerballads. They have since worked together to expand Hill Valley Farm.

life on the farm

Most of the farm chores are shared between the two, except Brittany will trade weeding (dishes for Ben) for about any other task. Even the artificial insemination of the pigs involves a duo team. Something interesting is always going on around the farm, from building a new barn, to installing plumbing in the master bathroom, to tending to new animals. In all cases, YouTube "how to videos" are heavily consulted. Family and friends like to stop by frequently to check up on the changes.

Ben likes to call Brittany "Princess Brittany" but everyone knows that the true queen of the house is the cat, Snags.

"If you're not lounging, you're working too hard." - Snags

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