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All over the world, bee populations are declining because monoculture, insecticides and economics all have conspired to make life in a beehive difficult to sustain. Ben's parents, Mark and Laurie, saw an opportunity in 2015 to begin a new hobby and to attempt to help save the bees in northern Michigan communities, and decided to put several bee hives at Hill Valley Farm. Little did they realize then the amount of knowledge, expense, work and frustration that this would entail. They became part of a monthly bee guild that was formed in December 2014 to help share and encourage young beekeepers in our area. While the bees have produced honey and wax which are beneficial for us, the true worth of our bees both to the environment and humankind's economy, is in their act of pollinating flowers.

bees at hill valley farm

There are anywhere from one to four hives located at Hill Valley Farm. The goal is to work with nature and not against it. Outside their front doors the bees have access to fields of clover, fruit trees, garden plants and wildflowers waiting to be visited by "the girls" for gathering nectar and pollen to take back to their hives.

Mark and Laurie continue to try to learn the best practices in healthy thriving hive management, using the best organic practices available to have disease and parasite-resistant hives. In the fall each hive is left with approximately 80 pounds of honey to sustain the hive through the winter. Northern Michigan winters are tough on bees and learning how to get the hives to survive winters and thrive the following spring is a challenge.

our honey

Each year a minimal amount of honey is available for sale that is sold either as raw "liquid" honey or raw "creamed" honey. Creamed honey is a crystallization process which makes it spreadable, similar to the consistency of butter. When honey is available for purchase it will be noted here. The attractive packaging makes it an excellent gift. These sales assist in continuing to help save the bees!

Raw HVF Honey - 16oz.

Creamed HVF Honey - 10oz.

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