the land

In 2013, the property, that would become Hill Valley Farm, was purchased by Ben. The previous owners had hoarding tendencies and left behind massive amounts of their "unique" collections. Along with the help of many gracious friends and family members, Ben spent months sorting through the belongings left behind, selling what he could, and throwing out most of it. Throughout the process a 30 yard dumpster was filled and 13,000 pounds of scrap metal were collected.

Once everything was cleaned up, the local fire department came out to the property to perform a controlled burn of the condemned farm house that also sat on the land. The beauty of the land could now be fully appreciated.

the animals

Hill Valley Farm began with a few chickens. Since then the brood has expanded, providing daily farm fresh eggs. Six feeder pigs were added in the spring of 2015 with the hopes of raising one for a pig roast to celebrate Ben and Brittany's fall wedding.

Since then Hill Valley Farm has slowly expanded the pig operation. Ben and Brittany learned how to artificially inseminate pigs and now raise several heritage breeds; including Gloucestershire Old Spots, Durocs, Berkshires and Hampshires. All the pigs are open farrowed and birthed on the farm.

Pigs are sold in half or whole shares as well as feeder pigs. Each is custom processed to the customer's specifications. Please complete the contact form to receive information on availability and pricing.

the food

From the first summer on the farm, vegetables were grown, including everything from garlic (Ben's favorite), to beets (Brittany's favorite), to kale (the pig's favorite). Note: the chickens are not picky and eat whatever is given to them.

The small orchard, consisting of perennial fruits and berries, has expanded over the years. Most recently, a vinyard and hops trellis were added with the expectation of experimenting with home brewing and fermenting as time allows.

interested in visiting the farm, learning more about the animals, purchasing some honey, or wanting to hear about the cool things going on around here?

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